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Software Alliances

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DNA brings together industry-leading IT infrastructure and application technology partners to develop and deliver integrated enterprise solutions.

Our Collaboration Together, DNA and our partners are committed to making sure the performance and interoperability of the joint solutions enable customers get the full value of their IT infrastructure investments, deploy new capabilities, and accelerate time to market.

We offer three levels of partnership:

International Alliance - This level includes the world's leading IT companies that have made a significant investment with DNA.Together, we provide industry-leading solutions for next-generation IT infrastructures. We integrate functional areas across our organizations and across the globe.

Initiative Alliance - This level includes companies with significant expertise and market presence in a focus area that is strategic to DNA. We engage in joint initiatives on a variety of fronts, including engineering, marketing, and sales.

Information Alliance - This level includes companies that are creating synergies with us in the marketplace and paving the way to a more strategic-level partnership. Being an Advantage Alliance Partner is a great way to get started, with full access to technical information, collaboration, and marketing resources to build a best-in-class solution.

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