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Product Media Outsourcing

Image 01Product Approach

An advertising strategy deals with the message creation that share details with the target market about the advantages of the service or product. Advertising involves communicating the mix of factors that are complex, in creating maximum impact in your target customers' minds.

At DNA, we mull over the given factors to formulate your advertising strategy:

Competition: The other products that lie in the competition radar

Product: What are the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats faced by your product?

Branding: What are the weaknesses as well as strengths of competitive brands? How does your brand get perceived in the minds of consumers? Does it need a revamping?

Target Market: Psychographics and demographics of your target client

Medium: Which media suits your advertising budget as well as is ideal form to convey the message?

Message: How do you want your brand to be recalled as in the customers'mind?

Results: What sort of results should the campaign produce?

Cost: What will be the cost of the advertising campaign and over what period?

Depending upon the understanding related to motivations and needs of your customers, we suggest a message that needs to be communicated by way of the targeted media to reach your audience effectively, and to meet out your advertising objective. We will be recommending an advertising budget and will be assisting you as to the time and place of advertising.

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