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Product Media Consulting

Image 01Product Approach

Most advertising spending is directed toward the promotion of a specific good, service or idea, what we have collectively labeled as an organization’s product. In most cases the goal of product advertising is to clearly promote a specific product to a targeted audience. Marketers can accomplish this in several ways from a low-key approach that simply provides basic information about a product (informative advertising) to blatant appeals that try to convince customers to purchase a product (persuasive advertising) that may include direct comparisons between the marketer’s product and its competitor’s offerings (comparative advertising).

However, sometimes marketers intentionally produce product advertising where the target audience cannot readily see a connection to a specific product. Marketers of new products may follow this "teaser" approach in advance of a new product introduction to prepare the market for the product. For instance, one week before the launch of a new product a marketer may air a television advertisement proclaiming "After next week the world will never be the same" but do so without any mention of a product or even the company behind the ad. The goal is to create curiosity in the market and interest when the product is launched.

There is a virtually unlimited number of products competing for the limited attention (and money) available to consumers. Because customers lack the time and inclination to do in-depth research of the available choices before every purchase, it is in the best interest of producers to create awareness and positive associations for their brand. Product advertising can fulfill this role.

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