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About DNA Sciences

dna science

People want to be truly connected, independent of time and place, in a way that is very personal to them. And, DNA’s promise is to connect people in new and better ways.

Energy is required in every day of life in the form of power, electricity etc., and one cannot imagine the routine without energy. But unfortunately most of energy what we traditionally use are exhaustive. Hence there in necessity of energy conservation which can be achieved through increased efficiency of energy use and also reduction of energy consumption wherever possible. Solar energy and LED lighting are such technologies which give efficient lighting, with less energy consumption and eco friendly


dna science prototype

Prototypes are an excellent means for testing ideas.

Perhaps the best attribute of outdoor solar lighting is that it is relatively maintenance free. After its installation, the only things that need to be done to ensure proper working order is infrequent battery replacement and keeping the solar panel clean. With no cables, wires or external power supply to worry about, Solar Street lighting is the maintenance-free and green choice for outdoor illumination. And because solar lighting comes in numerous styles, you can practically custom fit your Street with an assortment of lights that only require direct sunlight for their power.