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About DNA Engineering

dna engineering

People want to be truly connected, independent of time and place, in a way that is very personal to them. And, DNA’s promise is to connect people in new and better ways.

Rapid development and adoption of SaaS, Cloud Computing and Mobility is influencing how software products are being built today. Companies developing new products or considering moving to new platforms have to ensure that their product strategy starts with SaaS and Mobility. All companies, today, realize the benefits from SaaS such as no upfront investment or ongoing maintenance of IT infrastructure, faster time to market, attractive business model options and an increased ability to focus on business and customer problems. This makes a SaaS model the primary mode of software access for all commodity software. As for Mobility, developing for mobile devices is now de rigueur what with employees, customers and consumers all engaging with business and other applications through mobile devices.


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Prototypes are an excellent means for testing ideas.

Mobility is an area rife with innovation. Platforms continue to emerge, be adopted by large number of people, and the varieties of mobile devices continue to grow. This poses challenges of understanding the rapidly changing mobile technology frontier and acquiring the competency to build solutions that can support multiple mobile devices. And these challenges are not limited to business application software only but to all categories of software being developed or conceptualized today.