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About DNA Company

dna company

People want to be truly connected, independent of time and place, in a way that is very personal to them. And, DNA’s promise is to connect people in new and better ways.

DNA’s strategy is to build trusted consumer relationships by offering compelling and valued solutions that combine enriched services.

In the competitive IT services industry, it’s difficult to know what differentiates one company from the next.

DNA governs how we deliver services to clients, how we interact with members and how we respond to shareholder requirements.

DNA is committed to helping the clients win and grow.



Prototypes are an excellent means for testing ideas.

Not only do they allow you, your colleagues, customers and others to see how an idea would actually look in implementation, but building and playing with a prototype is a good method of further improving upon the core idea. Prototypes are, of course, ideally suited towards material ideas such as new products. But more abstract ideas, such as new services, process improvements and other concepts can often be prototyped through role-play, building structural models and making diagrams.

Our Core Technology Consulting Team

Anand Betanabhotla - (Chief Technology Consultant)
B-Tech, Experience: 15 Years (Technology Solutions & Operations)

He worked with great group of engineers and business people. Developed business technology solutions that address client's business imperatives for Visibility, Mobility, Productivity, Connectivity, Manageability and Supportability.He works with business decision makers to connect, view, produce, support and manage business information in ways that help organisations take action.As an independent consultant at DNA Innovation Labs, he leveraged a track record of successful strategic consulting and project management to deliver services.His background in helping people to solve complex business problems accompanied by expertise in innovation and business technology helps turn ideas into solutions.

Sunil Raghu Vamshee - (Software Technology Consultant)
B-Tech, Experience: 5 Years (JAVA, PHP, Mobile Apps)

Technocrat excelled in multiple platforms and the sole object is to provide End to End IT Solutions to clients.He has experience in providing solutions for Complex business problems, Infrastructure Assessment, Architecture and Application development and high-end Training in Application development.

Vamshi - (Electronics Technology Consultant)
M.Sc (Electronics), Experience: 5 Years (Electronics Components and Sales)

He has good knowledge in EMI/EMC.Ability to provide technical support (presentation, design-in, spec-in, quality issue) for customers.Solving customer’s technical issues by providing appropriate solutions for a wide spectrum of design challenges. His analysis towards customer requirements and recommends appropriate solution as per the marketing intelligence functions (market surveys, competitor information). He works closely on Schematic and board level designs for EMI/EMC Labs in India.