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Cross Platform Design

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In computing, cross-platform, or multi-platform, is an attribute conferred to computer software or computing methods and concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple computer platforms. Cross-platform software may be divided into two types; one requires individual building or compilation for each platform that it supports, and the other one can be directly run on any platform without special preparation, e.g., software written in an interpreted language or pre-compiled portable bytecode for which the interpreters or run-time packages are common or standard components of all platforms.

Today, with such a demand for cross-platform delivery and clients wanting an agency that can offer a truly integrated solution, designers have become equally competent with both disciplines. Over the years we have learnt from each other and are now able to incorporate the best of both worlds.

This convergence is clearly evident in web design today. Strong, bold typography-led websites are a real trend right now, aided by improved technology such as font-embedding, CSS3 and HTML 5.

Designers are also being more experimental with layout. The requirement to incorporate a mix of dynamic content such as written articles, videos and image galleries has meant traditional print layout being applied to web, and the rise of websites employing magazine-style layouts.

As a designer this is a really exciting time for the industry. By applying skills and experience gained from print, such as dynamic layout and great typography, with the tools of digital we are really able to bring any proposition to life in an engaging and memorable way.

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