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Capacity & Capability:

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With a facilitative approach, the DNA research focuses on specific or technical expert knowledge, and more on the process of consultation. Because of this focus on process, a facilitative approach is also often referred to as 'DNA process research'.

We providing intelligent and specific solution at reasonable costs. In comparing to other offshore development companies, you will determine rates more competitive and our solutions more productive and valuable. Regardless of the web/mobile apps you need to serve you business, customer or sell and advertising need, we have the skills and experience to provide them.

Depending upon the understanding related to motivations and needs of your customers, we suggest a model that needs to be communicated by way of the targeted media to reach your audience effectively, and to meet out your business objective. We will be recommending an workable budget and will be assisting your business growth.

Our Services:

In the expert approach, the DNA consultant takes the role of expert, and provides expert advice and assistance the client, with, compared to the facilitative approach, less input from, and less collaboration.

DNA Information management (IM) solutions provide comprehensive functionality that can help you deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data – both structured and unstructured – across your enterprise.